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Nord Stream: The Longest Sub-Sea Pipeline in the World

With Russia as the world’s top exporter of natural gas (around 60 per cent more than second-placed Qatar) and Germany as the second-highest importer...

Reunification: Absorbing East Germany

On 9th November 1989, thousands streamed through the streets of Berlin. Not entirely sure what they would find when they reached the wall that...

HMS Vanguard – the British Titan

The Second World War was a catalyst for technological innovation on a global scale. In order to gain the advantage in the war, both...

Railway Mania – Building Britain’s Railway System

In 1804, a British engineer by the name of Richard Trevithick unveiled a new form of transportation that would go on to completely revolutionize...

The Temple of Artemis: The Great Wonder of Ephesus (That Kept Getting Destroyed)

Claiming its immortal place among the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis, also called the Temple of Diana, was an...

Black Dragon – the M1 Howitzer

It’s been said a million times, but nothing spurs invention like man’s innate desire to kill one another.  It’s an accurate adage, but despite requiring...

The Soviet Nuclear-Powered Lighthouses

Current geopolitical chatter has revealed an interesting trend: Russia is building up their military presence in the Arctic. The world’s largest country accounts for...

Falcon 9: Space X’s Reusable Rocket

Hitting speeds of nearly 40,000 kilometers per hour (about 24,000 miles per hour), the Falcon 9 may not be able to make the Kessel...

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