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Flying Disks: Humanity’s Attempts to Make Flying Saucers

Written by Collin Fifer Who built the Pyramids of Giza? How was Stonehenge made? Who were the Nazca Lines carved for? If you ask the...



Switchblade Drones: Ukraine’s Angels of Death

Written by Liam Bird Let’s start by setting the scene. You’re an American naval gunner; the date is October 25th, 1944 and World War Two...

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Soviet Secret Cities: Entire Cities Hidden from The World

Written by Jehron Baggaley Intro                 During its time as a global superpower, the Soviet Union mastered the art of keeping secrets, both from the international...

The Harbour at Carthage


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The Forbidden City

There are few countries that can compete with the magnitude of China. An immense land measuring some 9.5 million km² (3.7 million sq miles),...

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The Mercury: New York’s Attempt to Streamline Passenger Trains

Written by C. Christian Monson  While bullet trains usually conjure up images of sleek modern machines gliding through the Japanese or Chinese countryside, the ancestors...

The Incredible Forgotten Railways of the Middle East

Written by Nicholas Suarez  Introduction By far, the most consequential invention to come out of the industrial revolution was the railroad. Before its introduction, transport over...

Underwater Bullet Trains: Future of Transport or Pipe Dream?

Written by Robbie Hadley Introduction             The wonders of yesterday inevitably become the hassle of today. It wasn’t long ago when a plane trip was a...

The A4 “Pacifics”: The Fastest Steam Trains in History

Written by Matthew Copes  In early July of 1938, a sleek two-tone blue steam locomotive known affectionately as “Mallard” sat idling on the standard gauge...

Breitspurbahn: Nazi’s Germany’s Incredible Global Rail Plans

Written by C. Christian Monson If you wanted to travel from Paris to San Francisco, you'd probably take a plane across the Atlantic. You definitely...

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The Harbour at Carthage

Written by C. Christian Monson  For students of history in the West, Carthage is largely known for one thing: losing to Rome, thus paving the...

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