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Luna 25: Russia’s New Moon Mission

Written by C. Christian Monson One year totally alone on the Moon’s South Pole. Even for the most introverted of us, that doesn’t sound like...



Hawker Siddeley Nimrod: The Phoenix With Clipped Wings

Written by George Colclough Pre Reading Notes: As usual, I have capitalised words like THIS to stress points of irony and sarcasm. Introduction: In the Book of Genesis...

Eurofighter Typhoon


The Millennium Dome

Written by Robert Lingham The Millennium Dome- Was it a failure? Intro A white elephant refers to an extravagant, impractical gift that cannot be simply disposed of....

The Harbour at Carthage


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SR.N4: The Largest Passenger Hovercraft Ever Built

Written by Laura Davies Ever wish you could cross the English Channel as quickly as it takes to use the channel tunnel, with the noise...

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The AA20: The USSR’s “Big Boy”

Written by C. Christian Monson During its existence, the Soviet Union was known to take things to the next level: big boats, huge rockets, giant...

The Mercury: New York’s Attempt to Streamline Passenger Trains

Written by C. Christian Monson  While bullet trains usually conjure up images of sleek modern machines gliding through the Japanese or Chinese countryside, the ancestors...

The Incredible Forgotten Railways of the Middle East

Written by Nicholas Suarez  Introduction By far, the most consequential invention to come out of the industrial revolution was the railroad. Before its introduction, transport over...

Underwater Bullet Trains: Future of Transport or Pipe Dream?

Written by Robbie Hadley Introduction             The wonders of yesterday inevitably become the hassle of today. It wasn’t long ago when a plane trip was a...

The A4 “Pacifics”: The Fastest Steam Trains in History

Written by Matthew Copes  In early July of 1938, a sleek two-tone blue steam locomotive known affectionately as “Mallard” sat idling on the standard gauge...

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Sigiriya: An Incredible Example of Ancient Urban Planning

Written by C. Christian Monson Anyone who's ever played king of the hill with their siblings knows just how important it is to have the...

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